Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 PNP Club Champs

On the 29st of January the PNP club held it's annual Club Champs at the Wainuiomata Trail Park. This year there were 3 races, Cross Country, Super D Downhill, and Short Track. Points were collected from all 3 races so that the most well-rounded rider would be the overall winner.

Cross Country
I started in the last wave with the other women and juniors. From the go I just smashed it. Spent the rest of the race chasing down the men that had started ahead of me. I felt so good, was standing up on most of the climbs and found a good rhythm early on. I really enjoy the Wainui trail network, and was feeling awesome on the bike.
Unfortunately the Women's field had a very disappointing turn out, with only 2 of us in the senior women grade. I won with a time of 59minutes, almost 13 minutes in front of second. But I did place very well overall. The Senior women, Master Women, Master 3 Men, U19 and U17 Men all raced the same course, and my time was third fastest.

Super D Downhill
A Super D Downhill is defined as a downhill style race that is suitable for cross country mountain bikes. The race went down Beeline and Beeline Extension. Having only walked up the track before, my goals for the race were to stay on the bike and to do the jump at the bottom of Beeline. I rode my hard-tail race bike, going as fast as I comfortably could without risking a crash.  I was in the top third of all competitors and 30seconds behind winner Eric Phillips. No crashes and I did the jump.

Short Track
Due to the lack of women competition, Al Crossling from the Mighty Bushlove race team, offered me a chance to race with the men's field. I jumped at the chance and joined in with the big boys. It was a very fun, fast paced race. I think I finished mid pack which I am very happy with. I had a few impressed people come up to me afterwards to congratulate on a good race.

The Men's field was highly competitive and close. The Top 6 men after the 3 races:
Tom Bradshaw
Ben Murphy
Gavin McCarthy
Stuart Houltham
Miles Davies
Stephen Butler

So 3/3 wins and the PNP Club Women's champ- Choice :)

It was such an awesome race, and so glad that my form is coming on. Will just need to repeat this success to the National Series races.
I owe a massive thanks to Gav for fixing my bike the night before which made it possible for me to race. Also thank you so much Gav for lending me a wheel after I had 2 spoke nipples snap in the XC and DH.
It was so much fun and great to catch up with Wellington friends. I really enjoyed the new style of having 3 races in a day. Marco, Al, and all the other organizers and volunteers did such a fantaistc job of running the event.

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